Hüsker Dü -legenda Bob Mouldin Sugar-yhtyeen legendaarinen debyyttialbumi vuodelta 1992 on yksi 90-luvun indien legendalevyistä ja sehän kuuluu joka hyllyyn ainakin yhtenä tai kahtena eri versiona. Nyt tästä helmestä on saatavilla myös tajuton uusi deluxe-versio, joka on remasteroitu alkuperäisistä mastereista ja bonusta on niin perkeleesti. Elä oo pölö, vaan ota Sugarit haltuun, varsinkin kun herra saapuu elokuun alussa vielä Tavastialle esittämään kyseisen klassikon alusta loppuun..


Copper Blue is the classic 1992 debut album by Sugar. Frontman Bob Mould had sung and played guitar for seminal midwest punks Hüsker Dü, openly acknowledged by the likes of Nirvana and The Pixies as a huge influence. Following their break-up and two well-received solo albums, Sugar saw Bob return to a band set-up, signing to the iconic Creation label and scoring indie chart hits with “A Good Idea”, “Changes”, “Helpless” and “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”. Copper Blue’s ebullient collection of richly melodic and anthemic songs saw Bob triumphantly reclaim an alternative rock legacy he had helped create. The album went in at number 10 in the UK album charts and was NME’s Album Of The Year.
-Twenty years on, the album has been lovingly remastered from the original tapes, and is presented here in improved fidelity. Remastering engineer Jim Wilson comments: “Just in terms of the size and power and clarity of it all, the effect of this 2012 remastering is going to be immediately obvious to anybody.”
-This deluxe expanded edition includes all the non-album b-sides, a BBC radio session and a full length 1992 live concert. The concert, a favourite of Bob Mould’s, was recorded by Chicago college radio station WXRT and has been much bootlegged. This is the first legitimate release, with pristine sound quality, and features the only recorded versions of Sugar covering “Armenia City In The Sky” by The Who and “Dum Dum Boys” by Iggy Pop.
-The DVD features all the promo videos from Copper Blue alongside TV appearances from the BBC and MTV archives.
-The 32 page booklet contains rare photos, memorabilia, and exclusive new interviews that tell the story behind the album in the band’s own words.



CD 1
1. The Act We Act
2. A Good Idea
3. Changes
4. Helpless
5. Hoover Dam
6. The Slim
7. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
8. Fortune Teller
9. Slick
10. Man on the Moon
11. Needle Hits E
12. If I Can’t Change Your Mind [solo mix]
13. Try Again
14. Clownmaster
BBC Radio Session:
15. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
16. Hoover Dam
17. The Slim (BBC Radio Session)
18. Where Diamonds Are Halos

CD 2    – Live At The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Illinois, 22nd July 1992
1. The Act We Act
2. A Good Idea
3. Changes
4. Running Out Of Time
5. Helpless
6. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
7. Where Diamonds Are Halos
8. Hoover Dam
9. Beer Commercial
10. Slick
11. Anyone
12. Clownmaster
13. Tilted
14. Armenia City In The Sky
15. JC Auto
16. The Slim
17. Dum Dum Boys
18. Man On The Moon

1. Helpless (Promo Videos)
2. Changes (Promo Videos)
3. If I Can’t Change Your Mind (Promo Videos)
4. Helpless – Live on The Late Show UK (TV Appearances)
5. Interview – MTV UK (TV Appearances)
6. Interview – MTV US 120 Minutes (TV Appearances)