Big Wave Riders! Solitin seuraava kotimainen kultakimpale esittelyssä ja ennakkomyynnissä!


RELEASE DATE 24.8.2012, SOLITI 2012


Nick Trianin Soliti-levy-yhtiö esittelee uuden suomalaisen indiepopkultakimpaleen Big Wave Ridersin! Debyyttialbumi Life Less Ordinary julkaistaan 24.8.2012 ja se tulee olemaan alkusyksyn ehdottomasti hienoimpia indiepoptapauksia tässä maassa.
-Big Wave Ridersin svengaava ja Stone Roses -henkinen pop on nostattanut hypeä jo maailman indieblogeissa, eikä ihme – tajutonta poppia tarjolla!

Soliti on laadun tae; Cats On Fire, Astrid Swan, Black Twig ja New Tigers ovat maamme tämänhetkistä indie-eliittiiä ja Big Wave Riders nousee samaan kerhoon heti! Tsekkaa muut Soliti-helmet Stupidon verkkokaupasta…


Life Less Ordinary is the debut album from Helsinki based band Big Wave Riders. This much anticipated album will be released by Soliti on August 24th 2012. A new single drops today, Sunny Season – a track good enough to soundtrack any Summer.

There are feelings we don’t talk about anymore such as belief and passion. Big Wave Riders have both in spades. Last years Big Wave Riders EP gave you some sense of what to expect from Life Less Ordinary : a youthful idealism aligned with a joyous sense of melody. From Helsinki back streets with other lives and friendships formed, Life Less Ordinary captures Big Wave Riders waxing on the mundane amid dreams of the biggest Wave. Big Wave Riders have arrived, are you ready?

“These are the songs I live for. Songs made by bands without any sort of pretense, any desire to live up to some sort of blog expectation or hip sound of now. Instead these bands just make really great, catchy songs that go down like candy bars because they are pure sugar.That’s at least the feeling listening to Big Wave Riders” The Creative Intersection (USA) 2012